Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aint no sunshine

I left Santorini today. I leave Greece tomorrow. My trip ends. The year is up.
The bookshop has become such a special place to me and I would stay there forever if I could. I was only just getting into it and then whisk- done. But thats the way it goes eh? better to leave something while the sweet taste lingers than to suck it dry of all flava. I had an interesting last couple of days as well. New developments have come to light that will completely alter every vision I had for my life when I return home. And this awakening shook me to my core and I tried to come to grips with the curve balls life throws at you. The timing of situations you run into, people you meet, people you love. Freedom and responsibility, selflessness and selfishness. You think some things are controllable, manageable, impermeable. Well even those things end eventually. Anicca. In one day I will be back in the house I grew up in, I will be in America. I am terrified. And its going to get a lot worse before it gets worse.

I had an incredible last night in Oia drinking beers in weird parking lots and on the beach, listening to Amanda and James and John try to play guitar over the strong sound of the sea. Cruising around the island road trip style bumping jams. Eating one last greek salad, drinking many last Mythos. Looking back I suppose its strange to be doing such american style things with americans the day before returning home. But it made me happy, and I will really miss hanging out with both Amanda and James. A couple of very good American specimens.

This morning was my last day waking up in the bookshop. It was early(for me) today and I was greeted for departure with a cold stormy sea surrounding the island. Shivering in my pj's I stepped out of the shop just in time for a crazy donkey to come running down the hill followed by garbage man wapping his stick on the ground. Oh Greece. Planned on one last swim but instead walked over to the castle ruins and sat with James waiting for the sun to rise through the storm and having great conversation. I sold my last book. Packed my shit- and onto the boat I went. It was a thoroughly depressing ride- I tried to sleep for most of it. Dig the high point: I'm rolling into Pireaus and my ipod is playing songs... Hey Jude, How can you mend a broken heart, then How it Ends. Kill me now.

So now I'm back in Athens, ready to shower and crash before the three planes which will deliver me home. Home home home. Hmm.

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